What are… “Consciousness Technologies”?

What are “consciousness technologies”?

What does the term mean and how is what it describes useful?


Firstly, if you are reading this it is very likely you are already aware of the field of alternative therapy and alternative medicines. It is also likely that you have had experience of conventional (allopathic) treatments that have not helped, or perhaps even worsened, your situation…

Consciousness Technologies are the latest, cutting edge holistic approaches to healing and rebalancing. These new (yet also ancient, more on this later) techniques work through the integration of the consciousness through the field of heart as a doorway to the wider universe.

By accessing our higher consciousness we can gather information about ourselves and the world around us and this information gives as the basis from which powerful, profound, and lasting change can be facilitated:


“Everything in the Universe is made of patterns Of Light, Information, and Resonance.”

 Consciousness Universe



Consciousness Technologies, such as the types employed by Trans.Form; Applied Consciousness Technologies, effect change at the Light, Information and Consciousness levels to create massive changes for the Emotional, Physical, Psychological, Environmental, and Spiritual aspects of your self and your experience of life.

This occurs through changes at the higher levels (Information / Consciousness) cascading right the way down to the more solid, material world around you (Physical / biological) and creating waves of change all through the levels in between.

“Ok, that all sounds great, but what can it do for me?”

I’m glad that you asked:

Come further into the site to find out more about how

Emotional Mastery (HSE),

Clearing Trapped Emotional Energies (The Emotion Code)

and accessing the Universe through the Field of your Heart  can transform YOU.

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